Rexall Laboratories and Chemicals is a proudly Canadian owned corporation with over a decade of experience in chemical manufacturing and private labeling.

The products manufactured and packaged by Rexall Labs are centered around a variety of chemicals and industries that were developed through many years building industry knowledge.

We at Rexall Labs strive to fulfill our diverse portfolio of client needs through flexibility, expertise and industry experience.

One of the things that sets us apart is our application knowledge and ability to customize and innovate products to meet each individual customer’s needs.


Rexall Labs Served clients in western Canada and the US in past 15 years in custom blending, packaging, and private labeling solvents, salts, acids, and solutions. In past few years Rexall Labs expanded their territory to eastern Canada through acquisition of few companies in Ontario to serve their clients in eastern Canada and US better and faster.

We Produce / Day







Commitment to Quality Control

Rexall Labs manufactures over a million products every year.

At Rexall Labs we are committed to product quality, manufacturing effectiveness and meeting customer expectations. And as a result, we work very hard to bring you guaranteed performance and value.


All our products are manufactured under controlled lots and every lot is tested and provided with unrivaled certification of analysis approved by our Quality Control department.


We are committed to always looking at innovative ways to increase resource efficiency, reducing energy consultion and reducing waste and emission. Sustainability is a key part of Rexall Labs’ business strategy.

Our company is constantly focused on this and we strive to help build a better future for our customers, employees and community.

Operationally, processes and resources have been selected with sustainability at the forefront, including using recyclable packaging and boxes, minimalist eco-friendly packaging a program for client returnable drums and ensuring the equipment is always running at the optimum level for maximum efficiency.

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Contact Us

P: 1 (844) 500 2436

F: 1 (866) 658-4433



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