Isopropyl alcohol 99%, ACS

2-Propanol >99.5% ACS

Synonyms: 2-Hydroxy propane , Dimethyl carbinol , IPA , Isopropanol , Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol , Isopropyl alcohol , Propan-2-ol

Rexall Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) liquid is a high purity, multipurpose cleaner, disinfactant and solvent. The purity level meets Grade A standard for MIL Spec TT-I-735 and ASTM D770, ensuring that no contaminations are left behind when used as a cleaner or solvent. it is also suitable for histology and cytology applications. Soluble in water. Meets ACS Specifications for general use.


Formula: (CH₃)₂CHOH
MW: 60,1 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 82 °C (1013 hPa) 
Melting Pt: –89 °C
Density: 0,786 g/cm³ (20 °C) 
Flash Pt: 12 °C 
MDL Number: MFCD00011674
CAS Number: 67-63-0
UN: 1219
Merck Index: 13,05228

Isopropyl alcohol 99%, ACS

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