Contract Manufacturing 

We provide a wide variety of products in bulk loads, packaging base or custom-blended to your specifications. By using Rexall Labs OEM services, you’ll gain the advantage of our robust processes. You can have confidence in the quality of your product because of our commitment to manufacturing excellence and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Aside from quality products and speedy delivery, what really separates us from the rest is our level of support. From initial product qualification and designs, to process planning to manufacturing, we will be there. Whether your project is large or small, we bring your vision into reality.

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Your single source for turn-key contract packaging and supply chain solutions

We offer a comprehensive, client-fulfillment service that covers the entire packaging process. The key advantage of using Rexall Labs for your packaging, is the reduction of your internal overhead costs, while at the same time seamlessly adding a flexible  packaging partner who works within your logistics system within  tight control of lead time. Whether you need support with packaging concepts, sourcing of materials, manufacturing, filling and logistics for your products, or custom blends of components you provide, we’ll help you get from concept to market quickly and efficiently.



Own Your Market

Working with your team, we can offer formulation consultation, raw materials, and packaging choices, or you can bring your own formula, raw materials, and packaging.  Our chemical science team can make recommendations for raw materials, based on your target performance and cost. We also work with you on label requirements and packaging choices. Our production team will work with you to ensure a turn-key solution that is best suited to cover your product requirements immediately and long-term.





Committed to meet your quality and specification requirements

We at Rexall Labs can help you develop or commercialize a product you have created by your organization to reduce your costs, save you time and effort. We manufacture custom made solutions in the exact quantity, formulation, grade and packaging you need. In addition we can support you on formulation improvements, cost reduction targets  through raw material sourcing, raw material recommendations and evaluations for enhanced performance, prototype starting formulations​, VOC determination, Physical property measurements, Color formulation, Flashpoint and Viscosity curves.


​Drop ship to your DC and Stores

With our long-established distribution partnerships across Canada, Rexall Labs can produce custom-designed solutions to meet a variety of industrial and commercial needs. We know that the right solution requires the right product at the right place and the right time. so matter. Whether your order is large or small, we can deliver it to your distribution centers or directly to your client site.