Our Policies

Terms & Conditions

- Prices are subject to change without notice and any changes will be reflected at the time of shipping.

- All prices are FOB shipping point unless indicated otherwise

- Tailgate charge will be added to the invoice.

- Sales tax will be assessed where applicable

- There is no minimum orders with REXALL through distributors


- Our sales and customer representatives welcome the new opportunity to quote single line items to new laboratory set-ups and multiple line orders.

- Establishing standing orders to be delivered on scheduled time frames are also welcome.

- Prices are quoted in CAD dollars except where indicated.


All products are guaranteed to meet specifications, certificates and analysis are also available upon request.


- REXALL Labs & Chemical's liability shall be limited to refund or exchange, not to exceed the purchase price of the material.

- REXALL is not liable for special incidental or consequential damages of any kind, loss, expense, or accidental damage, This includes damage to property, person or premises from these products.

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P: 1 (844) 500 2436

F: 1 (866) 658-4433



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